New Timebanking

Thanks for your support of Timebanking since it launched in 2012.

The third routine update of our software has gone live.

We think it’s the best yet and its been developed with lots of input from users.

All you need to do is login at as usual.

Timebanking now has more than 5,200 members and is active in 69 communities across NSW. More than 17,300 hours of support have been exchanged.

Opportunities for members to come along to local social occasions and to see the new software demonstrated will be provided over the next six weeks, and we’ll keep you posted on what’s happening near you in the events area.

The first of these is at Newcastle on 12 March.

If we can answer any questions about the new software, or about Timebanking in your community, please contact us at or (02) 9561 8597.

Sydney NSW 2000
Published on 9 March 2015 - 12:13pm